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Why, oh Why?

Why, oh why? Why have I decided to start this website?

I decided to start this for several reasons. I decided I've always loved to write but journaling in a book that I keep in my night stand and turn to when I'm sad or need to vent has never been my thing, trust me I've tried many a times to journal. To me there is something that forces honesty to you the reader and me myself putting this online. That and like most people I'm kind of lonely this makes me feel like I have more people to talk to, share with and grow with. I have many passions but my most common and reoccurring is social media platforms, many an hour I have spent on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, this writing to an unknown audience seemed to just suit me the best.

Things to know about me:

- Foodie: I learned to cook at a young age from my mom, it's one of the thing we enjoy doing most together even tho are tastes are VERY different. I also love to explore different cultures and styles of food. Yes, I emotionally eat and I also emotionally cook. Food can make a bad day better, a good day great and a great day a memory!

- Couch Potato: I'm a huge movie buff, theres something about movies (and tv) that just lets you escape and get away from it all. Plus I work hard, I like to relax who doesn't love a good Netflix session.

- Mom's Girl: My most amazing mother and I are extremely close, I accredit my mother with a lot of who I am, mostly all good but as all good relationships a little bad too. She is my best friend and my biggest supporter.

- Health/Fitness: I used to be a competitive athlete, who played softball for 13 years and still do but beer league. I also love to get out and do many things, nothing in particular. just things. I went to the gym over the past year but lost interest as I felt lost and felt really confused on what to do. Looking for new hobbies and activities to keep me busy and active.

- Moods: Most days my mood is one of about 4 ways. 1, relaxed and laid back 2, stressed and frustrated 3, kinda mopey 4, SUPER happy confident and outgoing. There isn't really a balance or a dominant mood just seem to fall in one of the above. This is also part of the reason I'm writing to sort of balance myself and my thoughts.

-Traveler:I really want to see the world, like lots of it. Not gonna lie half of the desire to travel is the food. Another part is I've been born and raised YYC and have never been further than Hawaii or Mexico and just feel the world has so much more to offer in so many ways that it would be a waste to not see and experience it.

I guess I'm just doing this to do this see how it goes and how I feel. Simply I just wanted to try something new, and always thought blogs were neat. Pretty much my attitude to this, and many things is " why not give it a fucking try?!", rarely is there actually a chance it could kill me. I just need to try it and start a fresh path for myself. This seemed like a way for me to do that just start fresh, be honest and try something far from what I'm used to.


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