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Motivation Monday: Perseverance

I'm not really sure if anyone really reading this yet but wanted to explain my absence if anyone is. The past month has required a lot of perseverance to keep positive, motivated and just all around going. Just over a month ago I seriously injured my left leg playing baseball. I have previously injured my right leg about 7 years ago and had a very negative experience with the more emotional aspect of the situation. Truthfully this go around hasn't been much easier my progress is slow, the pain is high and my situation is a difficult one to wrap my head around. I'm trying hard to stay positive but in all honestly, have had some really hard days.

To keep occupied my mom has been taking me to do things and has been really patient with me. One day we decided to attempt Costco, we went planning on taking our time grabbing some beverage choice to have around the house and look for some easy healthier snacks for me to grab and eat as cooking snacks or prepping snacks depending on what they are has been zapping a lot of m energy. While going up and down the isles we passed a dad with 2 sons about 3 and 5. As we were walking out the one boy asked his dad "Daddy, whys that lady walking fun and with the old person stick?" The man just said nice and simple "perseverance, she not letting the little things get in her way." This simple phrase made a huge difference to my attitude and have been using it to keep me going.

Sometimes when life is tough it gets really hard to find motivation but the word PERSEVERANCE has been keeping me really going with my head up. I have taken my lack of getting around to my favor. I've been doing more things around the house I normally put off or never quiet finish. I have been looking at capsule wardrobe for a while now and have now gone through my closet and have downsized probably in half. I have also started grouping bathroom stuff by type of product making bins of like products and have been using threw them. I have taken more time to read and reconnect with a positive mind space by reading some of my books over and tried reading some new ones as well.

Moral of this is less where I have been and more what I can do. Also with my at home productivity, I will be making some more posts on cleaning and decluttering. Ways to keep occupied and motivated. Times can be tough but it's what you do in those tough time that can make a huge difference.

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