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Girl's Day Needed

Sometime the best way to relax, feel better and have fun is a good girls day. The last couple weeks have been both mental and physically challenging for my two close friends Rebecca and Allyssa and myself We've been working hard, had some updates to relationships, and for myself a serious leg injury from beer league baseball. To start we got the most basic of basic beverages aka a round of Starbucks. We had all ratchet nails so we opted to go get our nails done and gossip and vent to start our day. Rebecca choose a great coffin shape that both Allyssa and I want to get next time in a soft girly lilac. Alyssa got almond like myself she got a great take on almost a millennial pinkish mauvey taupe color. I went for an almond shape in a great pastel green. It was a great way to catch up on the goings on and feel a little pampered.

fresh nails and newest summer read

After our trip to the nail salon we had sometime to kill before we had to split our ways as Rebecca had to work later in the day and I had to run to an appointment regarding my injury. Allyssa is the coffee shop queen of the group she always knows where to find the best coffee, muffins and croissants. She introduced us to a great cafe in Kensington called Vendome. It was a bright naturally lit cafe with a great modern yet classic vibe. We all got something to eat and drink I tried my first Poke bowl as I want to try making on as they look awesome but have struggled to find one that wasn't heavy in soy that I'm allergic to. The poke bowl was greatly flavour full with a beautiful balance of flavours and perfectly seasoned tuna. It was great and will be a reoccuring both cafe and lunch.

tuna poke bowl

After lunch Rebecca had to leave to head off to work while Allyssa joined me to the doctor. I received an ultra sound on my leg and have never been so happy to hear this may be cold as it was hotter than hell today. Once the doctor was over Allyssa and I spent sometime relaxing and cleaning at her house to complete out girls day. It was great to relax and catch up as I truly value these lovely woman. Moral of story great day, incredible company, and a well deserved girls day.

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